Please follow these instructions as you fill out the form on the left.

  1. You must identify at least one Owner and one Editor by NetID. You may enter more than one NetID into those fields if desired. To help you decide who you'd like to add, Owners can add other users, can edit dashboards, and can view dashboards. Editors can edit and view, and Viewers can just view dashboards.
  2. Owners and Editors should not be the same person or people.
  3. Viewers should not be the same people as either Owners or Editors.
  4. Separate multiple NetIDs in any field with commas.
  5. We must get approval from your Dean, Director, or Department Head (as appropriate) before your dashboard can be activated. This approval process may take several days. The creation of the dashboard and association shared folder is dependent upon this approval.
  6. Once we have appropriate approval, we will create the empty dashboard and associated folder structure and inform you of that fact.
  7. Dashboard Owners are authorized to add additional users to the dashboard. Follow the instructions provided on this document: Managing Dashboard Access.