Arizona-Civitas Learning Partnership

Our Mission

University Analytics and Insitutional Research (UAIR) is dedicated on serving our campus and growing student body, by leveraging instituitional data to inform decision-making. As a part of our "Recruit to Retain" mission we are targeting a goal of 91% retention by 2025, a goal determined by the Arizona Board of Regents. In addition to contunuing to offer and update reporting and user dashboards, UAIR is focused on providing tools to help deliver data more efficiently to a variety of user groups including campus leadership, deans, faculty members, advisors, and students.

Civitas Learning- A Data Science Company

One provider of new tools on campus is Civitas Learning, is a start up company based out of Austin, Texas. Founded in 2011, Civitas Learnig set out to create the student success platform for higher education by using predictive analytics and other data science techniques to deliver valueable and timely insights to institutions. Today the Civitas platform offers a variety of powerful analytic tools with clean user interfaces for a variety of user groups.

The Partnership

In late 2013, the University of Arizona partnered with Civitas Learning to improve student outcomes by informing and empowering student success inititives. Since then the partnership has come a long way, today UA is using a variety of Civitas Learning apps as well as working together to co-develop tools focused on tackling key problems in Higher Ed. If you are interested in learning more about Civitas Learning please visit their website at

Tools on Campus

Illume: Students

Illume: Student provides ability to identify students at risk in real-time, based on institutional-specific data integrated from multiple data sources. Key features of the tool include:

  • Segmentation Filters- Ability to segment students for deeper analysis
  • Powerful Predictors – Surfacing the top factors impacting student persistence
  • Export Student List- Simple process to export list of active student

Illume: Courses

Illume: Courses is a new application that provides insights into what courses have the most influence on a student’s likelihood to persist or graduate. The application’s analysis offers grade-level breakdowns and automatic signals for influential courses. Course signals identified by the tool include::

  • Yellow Flag Course– Identifies early courses where C students are likely to persist, but less likely to graduate than C students in the average course
  • Challenge Course– Identifies courses with much higher DEW rates than the average course
  • Late Hurdle Course- Identifies late courses where students earning C’s or lower are much less likely to graduate compared to the course average
  • Qualifier Course - Identifies courses where students must earn an A to have a higher than average likelihood to persist or graduate

Illume: Impact

Illume: Impact provides institutions with the ability to measure the effects of initiatives on student outcomes using Civitas Learning’s probability-based propensity score matching (PPSM) method of analysis.Key features of the tool include:

  • Add Initiatives- Add any initiative by uploading simple Excel list of participants
  • PPSM Analysis – Analyzing effects of initiative by comparing participant outcomes to those of an eligible control group based on user-submitted criteria
  • Verify Results- Ensures accuracy by allowing users to validate student matches

Degree Map

Degree Map is a dynamic tool that allows students and advisors to evaluate educational and career pathways. Students can tack progress towards a degree, as well as compare degrees and careers to make well informed decisions.Key features of the tool include: 

  • Progress Tracking- Visual displays of student progress on degree requirements
  • Course Planning– Ability to plan courses for multiple terms with advisor-student collaboration
  • Compare Degrees- Side-by-side comparison of degrees, displaying cost and time differences

Who will use each app?

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If you would like to learn more about our work with Civitas or have a question related to the applications please contact us using the information below:

Ruben Parra
Program Coordinator
University Analytics and Institutional Research
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